by Michael Chocholak

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Ariel 08:07


"Alveromancy" - Conjuring through the use of sound. Abstract electronics, electroacoustic soundscapes, behemoth guitar drones, visceral and imagick. Sonic surrealism, structured improvisations, alternate mythologies... 1) "Calabi Yau (G2 Manifold)" is a massive solo electric guitar improvisation. The title is taken from string theory. Check out this image search: 2) "Deep Blue Dreaming" is an electronic improvisation using AudioMulch. "Deep Blue" was the IBM computer that defeated the human chess champion Gary Kasparov in 1997. Now, with the growing sentience of AI computers, programmers are hoping to give them the ability to actually dream. "Commerce is our goal... 'more human than human' is our motto." - Eldon Tyrell in "Blade Runner" 3) "Morpheus Descending" is a free fall into the subconscious underworld as it rises up to meet you, leading you through topography of shadowed memories and cleansing enigmas. Skin drum, erhu, conch, melting ice, shortwave, flute, tibetan bowl, electronics. 4) "Beneath the City" - darkness weaves together the muffled rumble of traffic, the diffused keening of subway trains on the rails, the rush of ghostly air streams you hear but never feel, the threatening hum and crackle of electric mainlines and the shaking of the earth itself. Shortwave, electronics and sax. 5) "Ariel" is the magical air spirit in Shakespeare's "The Tempest", appearing here, clad in white noise and glass. 6) "Aurora (Daughter of Heaven)" is an improvised electric guitar duet named for both the mythology of the dawn as well as the shifting, pulsing curtains of light dancing in the night sky. 7) "The Visitation" is processed harmonics and percussion with a quasi-orchestral character and Pandia on vocals. In the middle of the night, in the dark, amidst the echoes, in the solitude... revelation. Dedicated to the memory of Arie van Schutterhoef (1957-2008).

1 Calabi Yau (G2 Manifold) 12:50
2 Deep Blue Dreaming 06:34
3 Morpheus Descending 04:55
4 Beneath the City 08:11
5 Ariel 08:08
6 Aurora (Daughter of Heaven) 07:57
7 The Visitation 07:34

total duration


released June 20, 2008

recording & mixing
January 2007 - February 2008

mastering & graphic
Themistoklis Pantelopoulos, June 2008


all rights reserved



Triple Bath Αθήνα, Greece

recording label releasing CDR, focussing on electroacoustic music, field recordings, free improvisation, avant-garde & its crossroad with traditional music

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